Interfacial thermal conductance database

Interfacial thermal conductance database (ITC)

In ordinary solid materials, heat is transmitted by lattice vibration (phonons) and electron motion. However, in cases where an interface between two different materials exists, the composite displays thermal resistance due to the reflection or scattering of the phonons and electrons at the interface. Because thermal resistance has a large effect on thermal conductivity and temperature distribution in composite materials and electronic devices, and furthermore, affects heat radiation properties, thermal stress, thermal shock resistance, energy transport/conversion rates, and other properties, this is indispensable data for thermal design of electronic devices and thermal property prediction of composite materials.

However, actual measurement of interfacial thermal resistance is extremely difficult, and only a very limited number of data have been reported to date. To evaluate the interfacial thermal resistance, we have developed a program to calculate the interfacial thermal resistance using the crystal structures, Young's modulus, and the speeds of sound of the materials on the two sides of the interface, based on a diffusion mismatch model which has been established on the basis of mechanism of phonon diffuse scattering at the interface.

This database includes the thermal resistances of approximately 1000 interfaces, calculated using the diffusion mismatch model and measured by experiments.



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